Niko Garcia

Niko Garcia San Diego ABA.JPG

A note from Niko Garcia 

Why ABA?  I am in ABA because I have always cared for youth and strive to help individuals with ASD. I love the opportunity to work with kids in a demographic that needs more support. 

ABA Educational Interests: Undergrad though PLNU with a degree in ministry with a concentration in youth. Registered RBT. Currently working on Masters in Teaching

Previous/Personal Experience relating to ABA: I have worked with youth in some capacity for the last 7 years. I entered the ABA realm in 2020 and have loved it ever since. I have supported the communities of those with disabilities in the special olympics, volunteer work, and through charity events. 

ABA Passions: I found my passion for ABA and the ASD community in helping at the special Olympics and getting to know and love a step-brother with Autism. 

Other Languages Spoken: Partial Spanish and enough Italian to know my way around a menu. 

Hidden Talent or Hobbies: Fitness and Sports, Magic, and Juggling. 

Favorite Food: Cali Burritos from Ortiz’s, Sloppy Joes, and Bucatini alla Carbonara.