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Our Vision

The Treatment and the Parent’s Role

We follow a team approach where we utilize all members at our organization to problem solve difficult behaviors and arrange variables that are already in the child’s environment to maximize change. As the parent, it is extremely important to share your perspective, as you know your child best. Being part of the parent-practitioner model, it is the parent’s role to ensure that implementation of the strategies we model are maintained outside of our treatment sessions. Research supports that if parents are involved with treatment there are much better outcomes as the child’s learning environment becomes much more consistent and predictable, thereby, increasing the learning opportunities and decreasing potential interfering behaviors that might delay behavior development (Early Start Denver Model, Vismara & Rogers, 2008).

Brief History of SDABA

Our team consists of Board Certified Behavior Analyst’s (BCBA’s) that are trained in peer reviewed methodologies that have been shown to be the gold standard (Walsh, 2011) in autism spectrum disorder treatment.


Our Leaders

Our Executive Director of Operations has 15 years of working in the autism field and is a professor of ABA at multiple graduate programs including Cal State San Marcos, National University and The Chicago School of Psychology.

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High Level Staff

SDABA's vision is to ensure our Registered Behavior Technician’s (RBT’s) strive to be in a certified graduate program so that they can follow the rigorous parameters set by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). Our philosophy is based in the Science of ABA and utilizes the highest level of ABA technology in order to treat autism symptoms as well as any relevant socially significant behavior that impacts our client. The overarching goal is to ensure the maximum quality of life for our clients and their family.

Contact Us

Thank you for choosing San Diego Applied Behavior Analysis! We look forward to making the first steps in our ABA journey together.


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