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You Have Coverage

We are here to help support your family as a unit, even if it’s with another provider. Senate Bill 946 passed in 2012, which required insurances to cover Applied Behavior Analysis to anyone with an Autism Diagnosis. To get coverage for services, start by identifying and understanding the type of insurance you have.

For example, a Fully Funded Plan, where premiums are paid by the employer and/or employee, are required by law to follow all state and federal mandates, so if your state has determined that ABA services are covered, your insurance company will pay the cost. Copays are very affordable but please refer to your insurance carrier guidelines for full information on your cost share. 

Please review your insurance card, or if you are employed, contact your HR department to determine the type of plan you have.

Have questions? Please contact us today in order to get started on the intake process and to see if we are a good fit for your family.

Alternate Funding Methods

In addition to insurance, there are other ways to receive coverage for ABA services, including:

  • Private Funding

  • Self-Pay

  • Non Profit Organization Grants

  • State Funding

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Charitable resource links for potential grants and/or Copay assistance:

Autism Society San Diego
Autism Help San Diego ABA


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