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San Diego ABA is a TRICARE Preferred Provider to administer Outcome Measures (Vineland-3, SRS-2 and SIPA/PSI-4). Per TRICARE Autism Care Demonstration policy, outcome measures consist of the Vineland-3 and SRS-2 to be completed annually and effective August 1, 2021 the PSI-4 or SIPA (depending on age) are to be completed every six months. Any further questions, please refer to the TRICARE website.


If you have been advised that you need to complete any of these assessments AND San Diego ABA has been issued an authorization, please provide the required information below. San Diego ABA will verify there is a valid authorization and send you the appropriate assessment(s) within 5 business days.


You will receive several emails:


  1. One email from San Diego ABA reviewing your information and the Outcome Measures process

  2. Another email with a link for each of the assessments you need to complete (see below).​​

  • Vineland-3: Email will be from Q-Global

  • SRS-2: Email will be from WPS Publishing

  • PSI-4 or SIPA: Email will be from PARinc


*You may need to check your junk or spam email


When each assessment is completed, San Diego ABA will be notified to complete the assessment scoring. When all requested assessments are finalized, they will be submitted to TRICARE altogether.

Select Which Assessments Will Need to be Completed

Submission Successful

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