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Applied Behavior Analysis

Family Centered ABA Therapy

Our family centered philosophy focuses on treatment for the whole environment. For many of our clients that means starting with helping the Adults in the Child’s life, as they are the most important piece of that environment. We utilize a combination of the most up to date iteration of behavior analytic treatment methodologies in order to target your child’s greatest behavioral needs. Our ABA services encompass all behavior frontiers. 

Passion First

We are educated about what we do with over 15 years working in the evidence based autism treatment field and having been Board Certified in Autism treatment since 2008. But more importantly, we are passionate about what we do. We want to innovate treatment strategies in order to achieve greater and more socially significant outcomes for those with developmental disabilities.


Outcomes Lead

Utilizing a combination of naturalistic environment training (NET) and Pivotal Response Training (PRT), our applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy's main focus is assessing and treating deficits and excesses associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Additionally, our ABA therapists are licensed and credentialed to build ABA specific education programs for school districts throughout the greater San Diego area.

Mission Statement

San Diego Applied Behavior Analysis (SDABA) is driven by a passion to deliver the best and most innovative ABA treatment in the San Diego region and beyond. We offer efficient, high quality behavior analytic treatment that incorporates the natural contingencies in our client’s day-to-day life to become a medium for learning potentiality. Our goal is to teach all stakeholders in the client’s most important environment, the family unit, to be equal contributors to our program’s success. This approach ensures consistency in our treatment delivery model with the overall goal of our clients reaching their maximum treatment outcome.

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Please contact San Diego ABA today for a 1-on-1 consultation with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for a Full Behavioral Assessment (FBA) concerning individuals with Autism. 

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