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Lindsey Dodds


Lindsey Dodds

Lindsey Dodds has been working in the field of ABA since 2008. She found the field after taking an Intro to Autism class while earning her bachelor's degree at the University of California Santa Barbara. UCSB is home to The Koegel Autism Center where Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) was created. Lindsey quickly fell in love with the play-based therapy and the positive results it can give to improve the quality of life for a child and their family. After a few years exploring the field of ABA, Lindsey decided to obtain her BCaBA credential from the Florida Institute of Technology in 2011, and then her master's degree and BCBA credential from Arizona State University in 2014. 


Lindsey is passionate about using Natural Environment Training (NET) and PRT in order to utilize play and the natural environment to teach skills and increase social engagement for her clients. She also enjoys collaborating with schools to train their staff in ABA strategies that can be used within the classroom to increase successful inclusion for children with ASD. Lindsey is also passionate about training and mentoring new BCBAs and RBTs and providing support in the development of their clinical skills.

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